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Evidence-Based Strategies to Accelerate Student Growth


The Gap is Widening

Nearly two-thirds of educators say they are now more concerned or much more concerned about closing the academic opportunity gap for students of color, socioeconomic status, and disabilities. 

Many high school students heading to college are simply unprepared. 40% fail to graduate from four-year schools.

Employers are struggling as well. 75% of US employers say they are unable to fill positions with qualified workers that have the necessary skills — the highest levels in nearly two decades.

It's Time to Evolve

We need a different approach to educate students and better prepare them for college AND careers. Research shows that when giving students a purpose for learning, and connecting what they learn to career pathways, they are more engaged in their schoolwork and more motivated to learn.

Career-connected learning (CCL) is key to engaging and motivating students. CCL replaces abstract concepts with real-life applications geared toward career exploration. Students that see the connection between school and getting a good job through CTE concentration graduate at significantly higher rates. But why stop by limited career exposure to Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, when career-connected learning can be embedded directly into core curricula?

A Program with Purpose

Whether you are looking to address learning loss, accelerate student growth, or simply provide students with a more engaging and effective curriculum, with Pathway2Careers (P2C) offers an innovative approach to building a program that overcomes the challenges and inequities in today’s educational system.

3 Steps to Transformation

  1. Align priorities and programs to the high-value careers in your region by easily understanding the regional labor market data with P2C Labor Market Navigator.
  2. Introduce students to the high-value careers in your region through P2C Career Exploration. The guided curriculum for grades 6-12 builds educational planning for career pathways to engage and motivate students.
  3. Make math meaningful by utilizing P2C Math Curriculum and engaging students with real-life career applications.

Pathway2Careers combines rigorous instruction with engaging, real-world applications to accelerate learning and promote growth.

pathways2careers math

Build awareness of high-value, high-growth careers in their region and prepare students for success in those fields through an innovative approach to math learning.

Use guided career exploration to connect math learning to real-world careers.

Provide tailored career exploration opportunities as early as 6th grade to introduce students to the skills needed for future careers and the role of math in those careers.

Introduce math through the lens of careers, helping students understand the "why" behind the "what" and how math is used in the workplace.

Develop critical thinking skills that are necessary for assessing and pursuing any career path, even beyond STEM.

Connect students to potential employers by building career awareness through early career exploration and fostering partnerships with local businesses and industries.

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