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Accelerate Learning

In 2022, NAEP reported that 38% of eight graders are below basic level proficiency. ​
The Nation’s Report Card confirmed that the pandemic dramatically impacted math performance and reported the biggest drop in math performance since the program began in 1990. The need to find innovative approaches to accelerate learning is imperative for the long-term success of our students. ​

Q: How can relevance be increased to support accelerated learning for ALL students?

A: Career-Connected Learning

Pathway2Careers accelerates learning and improves learning outcomes. In a recent survey, P2C teachers reported positive engagement and learning outcomes, including improved math practice (88%), teaching relevance (75%), and enhanced learning (73%). Fifty-six percent of students surveyed noted that Pathway2Careers accelerated learning of skills missed during the COVID-19 pandemic.​

Explore this data and more: Report Shows Powerful Results from P2C Math 


Student learning is significantly enhanced when lessons are relevant and connected to real-world experiences. By enabling students to connect with their passions in engaging and meaningful ways, we increase opportunities to accelerate learning.

P2C Math offers educators an opportunity to think differently about meeting the needs of its students. P2C replaces abstract concepts with real-life applications geared toward career exploration. Through P2C implementation, a pilot reported 92% of teachers seeing an observable increase in math performance among students.

Accelerate Learning with Career-Connected Learning

State labor market data embedded into lessons allow students to explore career growth, median wages, and more.​
Problem-based lessons allow students to solve open-ended questions related to high-value IT careers.​
Career exploration tools allow students to discover careers and find purpose in their learning.​

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