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Connecting education with high-value careers can better prepare all students for success. Pathway2Careers provides straightforward tools that can sustain progress on the pathway to career readiness.
  •  Identify high-value career destinations with labor market information data
  • Build programs that help build pathways to high-value career destinations
  • Teach fundamental concepts in the context of high-value career destinations, enhancing motivation to learn and promoting career readiness

Pathway2Careers™ Career Exploration

Tailored Career Exploration

Connect students to high-value careers and close the gap between students and workforce opportunities.

  • Career exploration system for grades 6-12
  • Improve attitudes about college and careers
  • Enhance connections between students and industry to support career paths
  • Self-discovery tools help students identify and establish career goals
  • Career data leverages labor market information to explore regional high-value career data

Pathway2Careers™ Curriculum

Education with Destination

When we help students understand the why behind the what, we can create powerful outcomes.

  • Career-focused math curricula and assessments for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • Foundational math concepts introduced and more than 650 high-value careers featured
  • Students see how math learning applies to careers
  • Math assessments provide a Quantile® measure that indicates students’ readiness for more complex skills
  • Use as a blended learning model, supplement, or core curriculum
  • Aligned with Common Core state standards, state, and district standards
  • Access to Pathway2Careers Career Exploration

Pathway2Careers™ Labor Market Navigator

Enhancing education policies

Improve learning and connect students to high-value careers with labor market information tailored to you.

  • Web-based platform with one-click reporting and downloadable PDF reports
  • Customized data for your district, region, or state
  • Identify high-value careers for 16 career clusters representing 79 career pathways
  • Reporting available for Perkins V, career clusters, and custom overviews for your district, region, or state
  • Professional development courses provide methods to align programs to high-value careers

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