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High-quality Enrichment​

“There isn’t a focus on understanding the math, but a focus on the correct answer. That has not worked in the past.”​

Kevin Dykema, president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ​

The National Research Council has described mathematical proficiency as five interconnected strands. The first of the five is conceptual understanding which means students are able to understand the why behind the what. When students feel there is a reason to learning the concept, the reason to learn will support the additional four strands.

Q: How can we help teachers answer the age-old question, “When will I ever use this?”

A: Career-Connected Learning

Pathway2Careers™ strengthens enrichment, providing students with unparalleled opportunities to connect their learning to real-world careers and ignite their passion for success. A recent P2C survey affirmed increased engagement and interest in career-connected learning, with (76%) of students receiving support from teachers to learn more math skills in the context of careers.

Explore this data and more: Report Shows Powerful Results from P2C Math 


Fostering conceptual understanding and providing opportunities for students to authentically apply their learning increases math growth and mastery. A high-quality curriculum equips teachers to address learning gaps and presents diverse, challenging material that captivates student interest and supports students’ unique learning needs. 

Student learning is significantly enhanced when relevant lessons are connected to real-world experiences. By enabling students to connect with their passions in engaging and meaningful ways, we increase opportunities to accelerate learning.​

Expand high-quality enrichment programs with career-connected learning​

Encourage students through career exploration. The Career exploration curriculum offers guided lessons for grades 6-12.

A financial literacy course allows students to gain the skills required to make informed decisions about their future.
Expose students to lessons that build employability skills through project-based activities.

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