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U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona has stressed that students should have pathways that lead to successful careers.​

Recent Gallup research highlights the crucial role of student engagement in enhancing academic outcomes. Successful math learning is largely dependent upon a student’s early understanding and willingness to remain engaged in the necessary foundational skills. ​

Q: How can relevance be increased while supporting the pathway to postsecondary success for ALL students?

A: Career-Connected Learning

P2C survey results revealed success in increasing student engagement when learning about math and understanding math concepts. P2C students reported being more interested in learning about different careers (62%), how skills are used in careers (56%), and how math is used in careers (55%).

Explore this data and more: Report Shows Powerful Results from P2C Math 


By connecting classroom and career paths, P2C can transform the future prosperity of students. P2C builds on high-quality career and technical education (CTE) programs using a data-driven, evidence-based approach to realign educational policy and priorities to overcome the challenges and inequities in today’s educational system.

CTE programs are proven to boost student engagement and, as a result, drive graduation rates and academic learning. While many career and technical education programs expose students to career opportunities, most fail to go far enough. Career-connected learning goes beyond exposure and instead is embedded in learning curricula.

Students experience PURPOSE in their learning with P2C Math. When students experience purpose, engagement increases, students are motivated to learn, and motivated students persist.

Increase Engagement With Career-Connected Learning

Comprehensive high-quality instructional materials for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II

More than 650 real-world occupations allow students to see why math skills are needed for a variety of careers ​

The Quantile® Assessment allows students to discover their progress toward desired careers

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