Tailored Career
Exploration for Students

College and career readiness happen when we can properly prepare students for the careers they desire. All students must be given ample opportunity to explore careers, build the necessary skills, and outline their path for long-term success.

Pathway2Careers Career Exploration introduces a unique approach to career development from grades 6-12. The career awareness system introduces students to high-value careers in their state and properly prepares students for their next steps after high school. By helping more students discover their potential, we can produce powerful outcomes.

Career Exploration Curriculum

Guided curricula to support career development and pathway opportunities for grades 6-12

Personal Student Portfolio

Participating students can save their career interests and learn about related opportunities

Connect students to Employers

Introduce students to area employers and opportunities

What teachers are saying:

Career Exploration Overview

  • Career exploration learning offers 119 lessons that involve personal discovery, career evaluation, career preparation, and career awareness.
  • Learning aligns to the 16 career clusters from the National Career Clusters Framework.
  • Career Exploration Curriculum for Junior and High School students includes STEM Career activities and financial literacy learning.
  • Stand-alone Financial Literacy course aligned to 7 standards
  • Multiple subject integrations with dual learning objectives
  • Career assessments provide students with work interests and work value scores.
  • Career pathways guide students to high-value careers in their region.
  • Personalized portfolios foster growth and create opportunities to connect with real-world opportunities.

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