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Provide Purpose in Learning


The question asked in every math classroom year after year is “when will I ever use this?” By answering that very important question we can help students understand the why behind the what. This can produce powerful outcomes, including increased motivation, persistence, skill retention, task completion, and more.

Pathway2Careers™ is a research-based, innovative math curriculum designed to accelerate learning, increase engagement, and demonstrate how math is used in future careers.

Connecting to Authentic & Meaningful Situations

Students can see how math is applied in meaningful, everyday tasks used in a variety of authentic careers

Increase Motivation & Improve Outcomes

When students experience purpose, attitudes towards math changes and the motivation to acquire the math skills needed for employment success persist

Close the
Equity Gap

When a student can connect a math problem to a high-value career, it can change the trajectory of a student’s life

What teachers are saying:

Pathway2Careers Math Curriculum Overview

  • Math Curriculum for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II
  • Over 250 unique careers featured throughout each course
  • Occupations represent high-value careers in multiple fields
  • Application lessons offer in-depth exploration of specific math concepts in the context of a spotlighted career
  • Math assessments with a Quantile® measure that indicates students’ readiness for more complex skills
  • Use in a blended learning model as a core or supplemental curriculum
  • Digital curriculum integrates with numerous LMS systems
  • Aligned with common core state standards and various state-specific academic standards
  • Assessments results provide comparisons to the math demands of different careers in the Quantile Career Database

Career readiness curriculum that puts math to work!

Explore Free Lessons

Pathway2Careers Curriculum demonstrates how math is used in future careers with every lesson. Download a lesson to explore our table of contents, student-facing lessons, and teacher edition.

Review Table of Contents

Students see how their learning applies to careers with more than 250 careers represented in each course. Explore the variety of occupations with our teacher edition table of contents.

Explore Pathway2Careers Assessments

Pathway2Careers Math assessments use a Quantile® measure that indicate a students’ readiness for more complex skills

Assessments results provide comparisons to the math demands of different careers in the Quantile Career Database.

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