Labor Market Navigator

Data-driven Decision Making

The Pathway2Careers™ Labor Market Navigator offers teachers a valuable tool to assist students in their pursuits of successful careers. The platform provides important insights into job opportunities and current hiring trends in local industries, allowing educators to fine-tune their curriculum to fit the needs of their students. The Labor Market Navigator serves as an indispensable resource in helping students achieve their career aspirations.


Meet federal requirements with a single click and receive Perkins V reports and complete the necessary Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment

Increase Community Collaboration

Connect with area employers and community leaders to confirm priorities and gain support of programs


Align educational programs to the high-value careers in your region with engaging student-centered learning environments

Explore Labor Market Navigator and access free education-based labor market data

Use the Labor Market Navigator to discover how you can:

  • Strengthen your CTE programs
  • Establish new community partnerships
  • Provide personalized pathways for students to explore their passions
  • Bridge the gap between education and the workplace
  • Conduct your Perkins V Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA)
Laptop showcasing Pathway2Careers policy dashboard

Custom Solutions put you in control of labor market data and future strategic planning. Here’s how educators everywhere are using the Pathway2Careers Labor Market Navigator:

District: Collierville
School District, TN

Planning for the future in the Collierville School District started with the need to ignite collaboration and align community priorities to prepare students.

Regional: Educational
Service Unit2, NE

Serving 16 public school districts and 9 private schools, the ESU2 dashboard supports Nebraska’s Perkins V State Plan. With regional collaboration, districts can leverage federal dollars and strengthen CTE programs.

State: Customized State-wide Reporting, NM

This state-wide navigator delivers both district and workforce regional data allowing state leaders to focus on data-driven decision making to drive change.

Custom Mapping: USDA
Partnership Model, TN

Rural counties in Tennessee received a grant from the USDA to improve educational and career readiness in 4 rural counties and provided this one-stop resource to identify improvements.

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