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NS4ed Course Catalog

Bring career-connected learning to life with the guided expertise of NS4ed. Our robust professional learning library is created by educators for educators. We will work with you to establish the skills you need to successfully reach your identified goals for student success. 

The NS4ed online, on-demand library provides access to all topics outlined below.

Deliver Career-Connected Learning


What is Career-Connected Learning?

In this introductory lesson, explore the career-connected learning framework and discover ways teachers can guide students in building skills and knowledge to reach their potential.

13 min course

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Instructional Strategies for the Career-Connected Classroom

Discover powerful instructional strategies for enhancing engagement in the secondary classroom and explore how they can align with career-connected learning.

11 min course

Assessment in the Career- Connected Classroom

Explore a variety of assessment strategies, such as authentic assessments and project-based learning, which align well with career-connected learning.

17 min course

Teaching Real-World Transferable Skills in the Career-Connected Classroom 

Examine the rationale and strategies for teaching real world skills which can transfer to successful future education and workforce experiences. 

25 min course


CCL in Subject Areas

Career-connected learning is not just for STEM! Explore ways to incorporate CCL into any subject area classroom.

22 min course

CTE Teaching Success


What is CTE?

Examine the core elements of CTE and components that give purpose to learning by emphasizing real-world skills and practical knowledge. 

13 min course

Connections Between CTE, WBL, and CCL

Discover elements of Work-Based Learning (WBL) programs that are used to promote awareness, exploration, and help students draw connections between coursework and future careers. 

14 min course


CTE Instructional Planning

Use concepts that assist in CTE instruction planning to incorporate academic, technical, and workplace readiness standards to support the needs of diverse learners. 

25 min course

CTE Instructional Strategies

Explore CTE instructional strategies that help students develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills while deepening their academic and technical skills.

14 min course

CTE Classroom Assessment

Examine summative and formative CTE assessments that measure what students learn and the best ways to provide ongoing feedback. 

15 min course

CTE Classroom Management

Discover how to organize personalized CTE learning environments, motivate positive student behavior, and establish rules and procedures that support engagement and achievement.

11 min course


Applying Educational Theories in the CTE Classroom

Review basic educational theory and instructional strategies.  Lateral entry teachers with no teacher education will discover basic theoretical underpinnings that hold the best learning approaches and activities that support Career and Technical Education (CTE) frameworks. 

12 min course

Advancing CCL

Cross-Curricular Strategies for Career-Connected Learning

Discover ways to extend career-connected learning across disciplines and leverage collaboration and a variety of resources and areas of expertise to enhance student success.

21 min course


Extending Learning to Support Mathematical Understanding

Explore strategies for making math understanding more relevant and attainable for students through making connections and linking math with language and literacy. 

11 min course

Rigor in the Career-Connected Classroom

Discover what academic rigor is (and what it is not!). Learn strategies for establishing and maintaining rigor in the classroom.

13 min course

Recommended Practices for Inclusive Teaching

Explore best practices for creating an inclusive classroom environment and review the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

18 min course

Promoting Equity in the Classroom

Examine the concept of equity in education and its benefits. Discover ways to promote equity in the classroom.

22 min course

CCL for Growth


Career Awareness

Analyze career exploration tools that can be used alongside labor market information to assist in informing and preparing students for CTE students with career opportunities in their communities.

8 min course


Exploring Career Clusters

Examine career clusters and the importance of engaging students in focused career exploration that is centered around clusters and pathways that best fit their interests and needs.

11 min course


Connecting Math and Careers to Performance Case Study

Review the impact math skills have on student performance expectations, employer’s workforce needs, and industry standards.

14 min course

Connecting Math and Careers to Attitudes Case Study

Discover how different but interrelated variables such as background, motivation, and social support could lead to an explanation of student attitudes toward math.

12 min course


Connecting Math and Careers to Engagement Case Study

Review motivating factors that directly impact student engagement and are vitally important when improving mathematical performance. 

10 min course


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  • Access to courses covering Career Technical Education and Career-Connected Learning
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