Career Readiness

Identify High-Value Careers for Your Students

Rather than asking our students what they want to be when they grow up? Perhaps we need to ask, do you know what you can be?

As educators, we love to introduce students to possibilities. To ensure that career readiness programs connect the importance of learning mathematic and scientific concepts to future employment easy-to-use resources are critical.

Preparing our children and students for existing job markets and offering a pathway in the direction of high-value careers in their region is rewarding and necessary. High-value careers are defined as high-demand and high-wage (at least $35,000 annual income) and easily identified using Pathway2Careers labor market resources. 

Free On-Demand Videos: High-Value Careers

  • Understanding High-Value Careers for Students
  • Engaging Students through Careers – Part I
  • Engaging Students through Careers – Part II
  • Engaging Students through Careers – Part III
  • Soft Skills and Employability

Free On-Demand Videos: Professional Learning for Understanding Labor Market Information (LMI)

  • The Future of Work
  • Using LMI to Connect to the Future of Work
  • Learning to use LMI
  • Incorporating LMI into Education Processes
  • Informed Career Exploration
  • Identifying and Sharing Local High-Value Careers
  • Career Pathways and Planning
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Educator's Guide to Labor Market Information

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