Webinar: Enhanced Student Support – Massachusetts Early College

Webinar: Enhanced Student Support – Massachusetts Early College

Designated programs should incorporate sufficient wraparound services to promote academic success and completion, taking into consideration the needs of diverse populations of students. Early college should be designed not as a boutique program, but should reflect a holistic program design in contemplation of the lived experience of the target student population. Specifically, programs are encouraged to develop student support in consideration of a whole student, in contemplation of student development broadly, development of academic proficiency and support related to barriers faced both externally and with regard to academic course taking.

Part A

Part B

While many of the requirements in the Part B application are similar to those requested within Part A, the expectation at this phase is that responses will not only be descriptive, but will provide evidence related to each aspect of the program, showing actual policies and materials created for the program and providing sufficient detail to demonstrate complete program planning.

We encourage you to refer to your Part A application to help you with the Part B application.


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