Webinar: Connection to Career – Massachusetts Early College

Webinar: Connection to Career – Massachusetts Early College

Designated programs should expose students to a variety of career opportunities
including greater depth in careers relevant to their selected pathway, for example, by providing opportunities for targeted workforce and career skills development, career
counseling, and elements of experiential and workplace learning.

This guiding principle dictates that designated early college programs should be designed to support college and career readiness such that students are expected to develop
awareness of their educational growth and development while understanding the manner in
which their educational path is connected to career opportunities. This connection should be framed broadly, to allow students to explore career possibilities and to more generally develop foundational employability skills necessary to thrive in any work environment. 

Part A

Part B

While many of the requirements in the Part B application are similar to those requested within Part A, the expectation at this phase is that responses will not only be descriptive, but will provide evidence related to each aspect of the program, showing actual policies and materials created for the program and providing sufficient detail to demonstrate complete program planning.

We encourage you to refer to your Part A application to help you with the Part B application.


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