Webinar: Effective Partnerships – Massachusetts Early College

Webinar: Effective Partnerships – Massachusetts Early College

Guiding Principle: Effective Partnerships

Designated programs should be a partnership between at least one institution of higher education and one public secondary school and district, and may include one or more employers. Partnerships should present evidence that the program is consistent with collective bargaining agreements and memoranda of understanding detailing the nature of governance, budget, sustainability, scheduling, respective responsibilities, and performance measures. Programs should be sufficient in size to capture economies of scale goals and to ensure long-term sustainability.

Part A

Part B

The Part B application is the final phase of the process to receive a Massachusetts Early College Designation. At this stage, applicants will be required to demonstrate with clear evidence that the program will fulfill the essential elements of early college program design and provide sufficient evidence that the program has enrolled students as defined by the Designation Criteria, or that the applicant has developed all necessary infrastructure to begin enrolling students upon designation. While many of the requirements in this part of the application are similar to those requested within Part A, the expectation at this phase is that responses will not only be descriptive, but will provide evidence related to each aspect of the program, showing actual policies and materials created for the program and providing sufficient detail to demonstrate complete program planning.


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