Todd Snow

Dr. Todd Snow

Regional Sales Executive, California

As NS4ed’s Regional Sales Executive, Dr. Todd Snow is responsible for building comprehensive career and college education solutions within the education arena across California. He also offers training on solutions relevant to educational practices and ensures a seamless approach to support career readiness efforts. He achieves this by delivering the best possible options to support long-term student success.



Mobile: 865-340-3739 or Office: 865-414-0033

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Pathway2Careers Discovery

Pathway2Careers bridges the gap between traditional math outcomes and over 400 real, high-value careers in your state. Because when students connect math problems to a potential earning amount, we change their trajectory in life. When they can see it. They can be it.

Pathway2Careers Learning Platform Demonstration

A 20-minute overview of the Pathway2Careers Learning Platform. See career-focused learning in action.

Career-Connected Learning Webinar

How to Easily Align and Integrate Career-Connected Learning Strategies, presented by Dr. Joseph Goins and Ricky Williams.