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Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona recently launched the “Raise the Bar, Lead the World” initiative to enhance educational outcomes and promote student success in the United States. This initiative focuses on equity, closing the achievement gap, and providing high-quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to equip students with practical skills, knowledge, and work-based learning experiences for success in the job market (US Department of Education, 2022). ​

Q: How does labor market information strengthen CTE programs and prepare students for their future careers?​

A: Used effectively, labor market information expands the relevancy of CTE programs and empowers students to make informed career choices. When students can envision a future in a career they find fulfilling, their motivation to learn soars. Exposure to diverse career options and various industries increase opportunities for students to make informed decisions about their career paths, empowering them to shape their own successful futures.​

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