Our Team

Alisa Staskal

Customer Success Manager

Providing a positive customer experience has always been a focus throughout Alisa’s career. As a developer, Alisa leveraged a user-centered approach working on user features with Motorola cellular phones, developing webpages for Kohl’s initial e-commerce website, and building systems and reports at ACT.

After 20 years in a technical role at ACT, Alisa moved into User Experience and Customer Success roles at ACT for the next 7 years growing a passion for providing customers products and services that help them achieve education and workplace success.

The journey from graduating high school with aspirations to help people by becoming a biomedical engineer has taken several unexpected turns and has instilled the desire to help student and adult learners understand there are many pathways to a career. Alisa is excited to come alongside NS4ed customers and help them successfully implement our products and services with the goal of helping others find their right career pathway.