Our Team

Baleigh Goforth

Research Assistant

At NS4ed, as a contributing member of Operations, Baleigh Goforth is focused on: 

  • Second Harvest survey construction and data analysis; 
  • Career-connected learning and math attitudes and performance research; 
  • Career exploration lesson editing and tool testing. 

Baleigh also contributes by managing internship members’ schedules and project assignments. 

Baleigh started at NS4ed as a Maryville College student. Last spring, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Criminal Justice with dual minors in data analytics and sociology. Currently, she is working towards a MA in Forensic Psychology from the University of North Dakota with the anticipated graduation date of May 2023. 

Baleigh believes that this internship program has taught her that “I have more universal knowledge, skills, and abilities than I was aware.” She appreciates the guidance the experience that she has gained with NS4ed and describes it as having a “pivotal” influence, promoting professional growth. Ultimately, Baleigh will pursue doctoral studies.