Our Team

Dr. Danielle Tallent

Chief Learning Officer

Dr. Danielle Tallent has worked in education for over fifteen years. Starting her career as a college instructor, she gained expertise in the use of various instructional strategies that support student learning and growth. Her experience in online learning environments contributed to a strong foundation in online teaching methodology and best practices in the use of a variety of digital learning tools. In her current work with NS4ed and Pathway2Careers, she guides the development of clear and effective instructional materials for educators and students, focusing primarily on career readiness resources and the use of labor market data in educational settings. Utilizing her PhD in developmental psychology (University of Denver, 2009),
Dr. Tallent specializes in making information relatable and developmentally appropriate to learners of diverse ages and backgrounds. She enjoys creating materials and resources that center around meaningful learning outcomes that are aligned with the personal goals of the learner.