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Erica Smith, MA

Human Resources Director

As NS4ed’s Director of Human Resources, Erica Smith is responsible for all HR functions, including employment, compensation, and benefits, as well as employee relations, employee development, and organizational development. She ensures that the company attracts, develops, and retains a high-quality, diverse workforce. She focuses on positioning the company for greater success by hiring the right people to provide attentive, outstanding customer service.

Erica has 13 years of experience in human resources within various industries, including business management consulting, manufacturing, and entertainment. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Human Resource Development and a bachelor’s degree in Business and Organization Management.

Erica is passionate about working with diverse non-profit organizations on their career exploration and workforce development efforts.

Hubs of Inquiry: Professional Development; Organizational Leadership; Client-Partner Success Initiatives; and Talent Management.

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