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Engaging in early career exploration has been linked to improved academic outcomes. Studies indicate that students who possess a clear understanding of their career goals exhibit higher levels of educational engagement and achieve greater academic success (Lent, Brown, & Hackett, 2000). Furthermore, these students are more inclined to enroll in courses that align with their career interests, increasing their likelihood of excelling in those particular subjects.​

The Pathway2Careers Career Exploration curriculum is a transformative tool that empowers students to embark on a comprehensive exploration of various career pathways. Designed as a guided curriculum for grades 6-12, this innovative solution delivers age-appropriate learning objectives, ensuring a cohesive and connected career exploration program. With P2C, students can identify high-value career opportunities, create personal portfolios to save and track their career interests, and gain valuable insights into related opportunities within their chosen fields of interest. This comprehensive approach equips students with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions about their future career paths.


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