Investing in Student Pathways

Investing in Student Pathways to Strengthen Local Economies Education leaders must close the equity gap. It is an urgent economic, social, and moral imperative for our nation’s future success. When educators make data-informed decisions based on their regional needs, we will start to address systematically the equity gap in education. To make changes that truly […]

How to Improve Attitudes on Math Learning

Career-Focused Mathematics Instruction It is a widely known fact that many students begin developing a negative attitude toward mathematics instruction at a young age, some as early as elementary school. In 2019, only 34% of eigth-grade public-school students were performing at or above a “proficient” level in math. It’s possible that a solution to the […]

P2C Postcard Information

Perkins V maintains a primary focus on the development and maintenance of effective CTE programs of study (POS) that prepare students for successful entry into the workforce. One of the more significant changes in the new law is an increased emphasis on data-driven decision making and planning, especially at the local level. Detailed labor market […]

P2C Professional Development

What is Labor Market Information (LMI)? Labor market information (LMI) is a rich data source that contains statistics on hundreds of occupations, including annual job openings, median wages, growth rates, level of education, and more. LMI is particularly useful in identifying careers that are projected to be in-demand within various occupational areas and geographic locations. […]

P2C Overview

A Shifting Workforce Landscape Dramatic shifts in the workforce landscape are occurring within the United States and across the globe. These changes are due, in large part, to the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Unlike previous revolutions, Industry 4.0 is rapid and pervasive. It centers around advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and the fusion […]