Solution Highlight: Problem-Based Lessons

Math Project cover

Pathway2Careers Math Projects provide a career immersion experience as students tackle real-world scenarios within a career. Each activity offers four career scenarios from which students can apply and demonstrate their understanding of math concept. Emphasizing collaborative activities, the projects are designed to support development of employability skills such as complex problem solving, critical thinking, communication, […]

Summer Learning Supports

At NS4ed, we too are concerned about the unfinished learning that our nation’s students are struggling with due to the pandemic. The crisis of unfinished learning today suggests that our students may earn $49,000 to $61,000 less over their lifetime1. The lasting impact is even greater for historically disadvantaged students. Support for Summer Learning Programs […]

P2C Curriculum Pilot Study

The Pathway2Careers™ curriculum focuses on the intersection of the workplace and education, preparing all students for successful, lifelong careers. By providing equal opportunities and access to all students, NS4ed strives to close the performance gap and ensure equal opportunities for everyone. This curriculum was initially released for supplemental use in a pilot phase to teachers […]

How to Improve Attitudes on Math Learning

Career-Focused Mathematics Instruction It is a widely known fact that many students begin developing a negative attitude toward mathematics instruction at a young age, some as early as elementary school. In 2019, only 34% of eigth-grade public-school students were performing at or above a “proficient” level in math. It’s possible that a solution to the […]

Strategies for Identifying High-Value Careers

High-value careers can be simply defined as high-demand, high-wage careers. This simple definition captures the two most essential components of desirable jobs – they are plentiful, and they pay well. Using this definition, careers can be recognized that this is only one definition among many, we believe it offers the most parsimonious definition that emphasizes […]