Close the Gap Between Education and Industry

At the end of 2021, employers were struggling to fill 10.9 million open roles. This hiring gap is due, in part, to new graduates not having the right technical skills for available opportunities. As educators, successfully ensuring the transition from school to career for students can be daunting, especially when some students lack the opportunities […]

Incorporating LMI

Incorporating LMI into Career Exploration, Planning and Policy Supporting students’ path to employment success can be challenging. The journey requires multiple steps, including opportunities to explore careers, develop focused career plans, and engage in learning experiences that support the acquisition of valued workplace skills. Within each of these steps, there are multiple factors that contribute […]

P2C Overview

A Shifting Workforce Landscape Dramatic shifts in the workforce landscape are occurring within the United States and across the globe. These changes are due, in large part, to the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Unlike previous revolutions, Industry 4.0 is rapid and pervasive. It centers around advances in automation, artificial intelligence, and the fusion […]

Intersection: Education + Industry

How Understanding Workforce Trends Can Transform Educational Practices and Redefine Student Success In developing educational practices and strategies, there is a strong need to ensure the destination is clearly defined. The destination can serve as a unifying direction for the educational journey, regardless of the path taken. While there is considerable variability in defining the […]