Keana Winston, MEd


Keana Winston, MEd, joins NS4ed’s Professional Development Team as a Senior Educational Consultant. She is an education professional with a background in mathematics and DEI coaching. She has experience as a math content facilitator, district-level math professional development leader, and elementary school teacher. Her experience as a teacher and coach spans working with school systems in […]

Holly Noel, MS


Serving on the School Services Team as the NS4ed Director of School Counseling requires leadership through knowledge, empathy, equity, and kindness. Holly Noel brings six years of experience as a successful school counselor in a top-ranked early college program. While working as a counselor, Holly maintained a 100% graduation rate, 100% college acceptance, and contributed to over […]

Hannah Algate

Hannah Algate

Hannah Algate is NS4ed’s Business Analyst. Hannah has conducted business and grant opportunity research, and budget reporting. Hannah is a recent graduate from Johnson University with dual Bachelors degrees in Business Administration (with a concentration in marketing) and Bible Studies & Theology. Hannah started working for NS4ed because she wished to do “something purposeful.” According […]

Baleigh Goforth


As NS4ed’s Professional Development Coordinator, Baleigh Goforth creates feedback surveys and needs assessments, performs data analysis, and supports client engagement and communications. She has also contributed to other departments within the company. Her previous work has focused on Second Harvest survey construction and data analysis, career-connected learning and equity research, career exploration lesson editing and tool […]

Troy Price

Troy Price began podcasting in February of 2006. He has produced hundreds of episodes covering topics such as TV shows, crossword puzzles, grant management, and entrepreneurial efforts. He has written for industry publications on podcasting and presented training on both the technology and power of the podcasting medium.

Ricky Williams, MS

As Director of State Partnerships, Ricky Williams is dedicated to developing and implementing strategic plans to support the career readiness of all students. Prior to NS4ed, Ricky served the students, staff, and community of Hagerman Municipal Schools for eight years as Superintendent. Mr. Williams has worked side-by-side with local, state, and national leaders to improve […]

Theo Morrison

Theodore G. W. Morrison, Jr. is a registered lobbyist who has successfully helped clients representing such fields as education, healthcare, financial services, nonprofits, municipal government, information technology, labor and insurance. With over twenty years of legislative experience in government relations, contract procurement, political fundraising, and consulting, he advocates for passage of legislation beneficial to his […]

Edgar Fermin

Edgar Fermin

As the NS4ed Director of International Relations, Edgar R. Fermin is a valued partner, leading and supporting innovation in the consultation of educational entities. Through his Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems earned at the University of Massachusetts in Boston, MA, and his experience as a senior information system consultant, Edgar shares a […]