Tennessee Innovative School Models

When they can see it, they can be it.

Tennessee-based NS4ed built a career-connected learning model that combines career exploration, academic learning, and awareness of high-value careers for all levels. Career-connected learning is a growing and proven model of career readiness.

Educators can establish a sustainable future that closes the equity gap, improves performance, and enhances community collaboration by creating a culture of opportunities that connects learning to careers.

NS4ed’s solutions align and support Tennessee’s unprecedented $500 million in funding for  Innovative School Models to support pathways to success for all Tennessee students.

Pathway2Careers™ fosters a culture of college and career awareness and readiness. The Pathway2Careers solution allows students the opportunity to make connections to their interests and provides a critical onramp for a seamless transition to high school and beyond.

Pathway2Careers features provide middle schools and high schools with the resources, flexibility, and technical support to engage all students.

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Executive Summary

Pathway2Careers Curriculum

Education with Destination

Close the Equity Gap

Increase Motivation

Make Math Meaningful

Pathway2Careers™ Curriculum modernizes math by bringing comprehension to the forefront. The comprehensive curriculum for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II is the only math curricula that structures math around the National Career Cluster Framework and teaches math through meaningful situations and demonstrates how math is used in future careers.

  • Career-focused math curricula and assessments for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • Foundational math concepts introduced and more than 400 high-value careers featured
  • Students see how math learning applies to careers
  • Math assessments provide a Quantile® measure that indicates students’ readiness for more complex skills
  • Use as a blended learning model, supplement, or core curriculum
  • Aligned with Common Core state standards, state, and district standards

Improve learning and connect students to high-value careers with labor market information tailored to you

Pathway2Careers™ Labor Market Navigator provides clear insight into regional high-value career opportunities. By using local labor market data to understand career destinations for students, educators can align education practices and prioritize learning opportunities to prepare all students for high-value career opportunities.

  • Bridge the gap between education and industry
  • Complicated data sources compiled for simple reporting designed for educators
  • Labor market data designed to satisfy Perkins V requirements
  • Facilitate community conversations with evidence-based resources
  • Prioritize learning opportunities by identifying high-value careers in your region

National Career Cluster Framework

One-Click Reporting

Increase Community Collaboration

Align Priorities

Labor market information is organized around specific occupational areas or industries. Using the National Career Clusters Framework classification system commonly used by school and state agencies, Pathway2Careers™ can identify high-value careers by industry-validated knowledge, and skills students need to succeed in a chosen field.

Each career cluster includes a detailed summary of:

  • Annual Job Openings
  • Career Pathways
  • Median Wages
  • Job Zone/ Education
  • Projected New Job
  • Secondary CTE Programs
  • Growth Rates
  • Postsecondary Programs

Professional Learning

Flexible Learning Options

Community Collaboration

Best Practices for Teaching & Learning

NS4ed provides educators with various professional learning opportunities designed to help and support them. Instructors can implement a high-performing culture in their classroom by focusing on career-connected learning and these flexible learning options that support best practices in professional learning and development.

  • Flexible Learning Options: The Professional Learning Library delivers a variety of digital microlearning units designed to deliver career-connected learning
  • Convenient microlearning units offer educators engaging experiences designed for greater retention and completion rates.
  • Our team of experts is available to deliver in-person or virtual learning sessions designed to meet your learning objectives.

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