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Tennessee-based NS4ed is excited to provide Pathway2Careers Math Curriculum to Tennessee’s students. Our Pathway2Careers math program is aligned 100% with Tennessee’s Mathematics Standards and succeeds in “making math meaningful” by demonstrating to learners how math is vital in their future careers.

NS4ed’s career-focused math helps bridge gaps between education and industry to support all learners by achieving effective career-connected learning and assisting students in identifying and working towards their career goals.

Pathway2Careers Math Curriculum includes:

  • Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II (IIa and IIb)
  • Lessons available in digital and PDF format
  • 650+ high-value careers
  • Quantile® Framework for Mathematics
  • Guided career exploration curriculum for grades 6-12
  • Career exploration resources
  • Ongoing product feature releases and support
  • Onboarding and implementation support
  • $92 per student over six years

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Pathway2Careers™ Curriculum

Education with Destination

  • Comprehensive career-focused math curricula and assessments for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
  • Quality teaching material for successful implementation such as Pacing Guides with Mathematical Practice Standards and Instructional Scope and Sequence
  • Foundational math concepts introduced and more than 650 high-value careers featured
  • Students see how math learning applies to careers
  • Use as a blended learning model, supplement, or core curriculum
  • 100% alignment with Tennessee state standards
  • Access to Pathway2Careers Career Exploration
Explore Pathway2Careers Print Curriculum:

"This is the math every student should get."

Pathway2Careers™ Assessments

Bringing Meaning to Measurement with MetaMetrics®

  • Pathway2Careers curricula incorporates the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics
  • The Quantile Framework is a unique measurement system that uses a common scale and metric to assess a student’s mathematical achievement level and the difficulty of specific skills and concepts
  • Provides students with a Quantile measure that indicates the skills and concepts they are ready to learn
  • Monitor student growth with Beginning of Year, Middle of Year and End of Year Assessments
  • The Quantile Career Database allows students to gain a sense of the relationship between math skills and career preparedness

Pathway2Careers™ Career Exploration

Tailored Career Exploration

Connect students to high-value careers and close the gap between students and workforce opportunities.

  • Career exploration system for grades 6-12
  • Improve attitudes about college and careers
  • Enhance connections between students and industry to support career paths
  • Self-discovery tools help students identify and establish career goals
  • Career data leverages labor market information to explore regional high-value career data

Pathway2Careers™ Labor Market Navigator

Enhancing Education Policies

NS4ed prepares the TSBA District Data Dashboard. This dashboard is designed to assist local boards of education in preparing students for relevant pathways of success and ensure that strategic plans are focused on strengthening college and career readiness.

  • Web-based platform with one-click reporting and downloadable PDF reports
  • Customized data for your district, region, or state
  • Identify high-value careers for 16 career clusters representing 79 career pathways
  • Reporting available for Perkins V, career clusters, and custom overviews for your district, region, or state
  • Professional development courses provide methods to align programs to high-value careers

What Teachers Are Saying:

"If students and teachers truly engage with the platform, the chance to attach the mathematical skills being taught and learned in the classroom to concrete life skills and careers will prove invaluable to current and future student engagement and success in mathematics."
HS Math Teacher
10 years​ of experience
"The career exploration aspects of the materials alongside the mathematics being taught is unique and engaged me as a teacher. The career exploration gives students examples of real-world jobs and experiences that reflect the work that they are learning and gives them possible career opportunities before they leave high school."​
Math Teacher
Emphasis on Education Technology
"The material is designed to support career readiness and provide a clear insight into regional, high-value career opportunities. All Math Practices are represented throughout the lessons and address a high-level of rigor. The material provides students with a foundation, as well as motivation, for successfully using mathematics."
HS Math Teacher
22 years of experience​