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We appreciate your interest in career-connected learning for Tennessee’s students. Pathway2Careers is 100% aligned with Tennessee’s Mathematics Standards and succeeds in “making math meaningful” by demonstrating to learners how math is vital in their future careers.

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Review Pathway2Careers

Access Pathway2Careers to discover how connecting math to careers will inspire all students to aspire. By connecting math concepts to more than 600 high value careers, each student clearly sees the link between the math they are learning and their potential career.

Teacher Experience:

Username:  Neal.Garza@demoteacher.edu 

Password:  TN_Demo2 

Student Experience:

Username:  Kenyon.McNeil@demostudent.edu

Password:  TN_Demo3 

While teachers and students can access the complete Pathway2Careers Platform, the orange highlights below correspond specifically to the Pathway2Careers Math Curriculum.

  1. Career Spotlight: The Career Spotlight rotates through high-value careers to increase exposure to careers across industries. High-value careers are defined as high-wage and high-growth.
  2. Career Exploration: Guided curriculum for career exploration learning including personal discovery, career evaluation, career preparation, and career awareness. Teacher-facing and student-facing lessons and materials are available.
  3. Classes: Teacher-created math classes with enrolled students. Students may join via a link or an invitation code. Teacher accounts have access to a variety of Teacher Materials integral to the successful implementation of the Pathway2Careers Math Curriculum.
  4. Career Tools: In addition to the robust career library, self-discovery tools help students identify and establish career goals. Activities provide insight into and alignment between work interests and personal values.
  5. Assessments: Math assessments provide a Quantile® measure that indicates students’ readiness for more complex skills. Students also see how their scores align with various careers.
  6. Help Menu: Teachers and students have access to a variety of materials in the Help menu including Math standards crosswalks, user guides, and more!

Math Lessons

To review the Pathway2Careers Math Curriculum lessons, click Go to Class on one of the class tiles on the home page.  

Student View

For the "Student View", log into the demo student account and click "Begin Lesson."

Teacher View

For the "Teacher View", log into the demo teacher account and click the + icon to "Add a New Assignment."

  1. Filter:  Search and filter lessons by keyword or career.
  2. Assign Lessons from Other Courses: If students need a review from a previous course or an extension lesson from a subsequent course, P2C offers the flexibility to assign lessons from any course.
  3. Teacher Materials: As part of the Teacher Editions, teachers gain access to integral materials for successful implementation including Pathway2Careers Instructional Scope and Sequence, Curriculum Standards Crosswalk, Teaching Strategies & Guidance, and Graphic Organizers.
  4. Table of Contents: View an overview of the chapter topics with the Table of Contents.
  5. Assigning Lessons: To view the lessons, click the arrow next to the chapter. Each lesson has a snapshot of the type of lesson and careers spotlighted in the lesson.  To preview the lessons, click “Student View” or “Teacher View”. To assign a lesson to the whole class or individually to one student or group, select “Assign Lesson.”

Note: Pathway2Careers has 2 types of lessons: Exploration and Application. Be sure to check out both types of lessons to see how careers are connected in different ways!


The Pathway2Careers math assessments (powered by the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics) provide students with a Quantile measure that represents students’ mathematical achievement level and indicates the skills and concepts they are ready to learn.  The P2C assessments also provide the ability to track students’ mathematics growth with multiple assessments throughout the year – beginning, middle, and end.

Preview the P2C Math Assessments through the teacher account.

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