Employability Skills

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Career Stories Foster Skill & Competency Growth Critical skills and competencies can impact a person’s ability to obtain employment and to move along their pathway to their career objective. These sorts of qualities have been termed and referred to by many words. They have been referred to as “soft skills,” “people skills,” “interpersonal skills,” “transferable […]

Engineering a Real-World Model of Career-Connected Learning

Engineering a Real-World Model of Career-Connected Learning

Introduction: Defining Career-Connected Learning (CCL) Employing career-connected learning and redesigning coursework and curricula with a labor market data-informed career lens can make learning meaningful and bring real-life applications into classrooms across the country. The first step in engineering a real-world model of CCL is defining the concept –explaining what CCL is and what CCL is […]

Dropout Prevention Success Story

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Plumbing and mechanical systems inspector Jothum Stallings recounts as a high school student being “on the verge of dropping out.” His career story interview illustrates the effectiveness of developing career-connected learning and the promise of solutions tied to integrating real-life applications into instruction and curricula. It supports the notion that ‘if a student can see it, they […]

Close the Gap Between Education and Industry

At the end of 2021, employers were struggling to fill 10.9 million open roles. This hiring gap is due, in part, to new graduates not having the right technical skills for available opportunities. As educators, successfully ensuring the transition from school to career for students can be daunting, especially when some students lack the opportunities […]

Equity: In Education and Careers

When equity is introduced into career-focused learning, dreams can take shape. Every student can now begin to envision their ideal job, begin considering the new possibilities they have for work, and begin developing academic and career pathways that take them forward. Equity that begins with career education becomes an equalizing educational experience. We’ve come a long […]

How to use P2C

The Pathway2Careers labor market exploration system is divided into two main sections: 1) Explore Your Area and 2) Explore Career Clusters. Each section presents specific information related to local labor market exploration. In the “Explore Your Area” section, an introduction page will appear that gives a brief summary of the purpose and function of the […]

Introduction to LMI

What is Labor Market Information (LMI)? Labor market information (LMI) is a collection of data compiled primarily by government agencies for the purpose of analyzing job trends, wages, employment status, and economic changes related to workforce development. This rich data source contains statistics on hundreds of occupations, including annual job openings, median wages, growth rates, […]

P2C Practice and Application

Labor Market Exploration System Supporting students’ path to employment success can be challenging. The journey requires multiple steps, including opportunities to explore careers, develop focused career plans, and engage in learning experiences that support the acquisition of valued workplace skills. Within each of these steps, there are multiple factors that contribute to employment success. Labor […]

Strategies for Identifying High-Value Careers

High-value careers can be simply defined as high-demand, high-wage careers. This simple definition captures the two most essential components of desirable jobs – they are plentiful, and they pay well. Using this definition, careers can be recognized that this is only one definition among many, we believe it offers the most parsimonious definition that emphasizes […]